New York, NY | September 26, 2017

NYF: Why did you decide to accept the invite to NYF’s Executive Jury?

Frank: I Love New York and the New York Festivals. 1. The level of the work to be judged by the executive jury is world class level and that’s just instructive. 2. To be member of the executive jury enables me to judge the best work in all disciplines, from film to cyber, which gives a great overview 3. The jury persist of enriching personalities.

NYF: Are awards show and winning awards important and why?

Frank: You only talk about awards if you don’t win them. Awards are setting new Benchmarks, in doing so, judging is a creative process. Actually, judging is kind of the daily business of a creative director – the difference is only the level, such from an international competition like the NYF is significantly higher than the level within your own agency. Judging in one of the biggest creative competitions is like going to school - it is the opportunity to discuss with the brightest creatives around the world and to learn from them.

NYF: Are there any emerging trends this year, that you think will be reflected in this year’s work?

Frank: Big data is a trend. But big data is not yet a big idea – we are here for ideas, the extraordinary ones.

NYF: What’s the future of the advertising industry and how does it differ from when you first started in the business?

Frank: In one word: CHA(LLE)NGE

NYF: Why did you choose advertising as a career path?

Frank: Because I had no better idea.

NYF: What's the best ad you ever created? Can you share the ad?

Frank: I don't know - ask the public. Or the Executive Jury of the New York Festival (they liked a.e. the campaign for Greenpeace in which hundreds of naked people formed a “living sculpture” on Switzerland’s Aletsch glacier, to raise awareness about climate change. See

NYF: Who gave you your big break and what was the defining moment in your career?

Frank: I studied piano and composition at the conservatory and then I decided to study law at University. I gave concerts and I worked beside that as stage director for the opera houses. At that time I never noticed advertising. Until a woman came into my life who worked in the most creative advertising agency of Switzerland. When I saw their work I thought I can do that even better. I asked for a chance to show them my creativity as a freelance copywriter: My first ad (for a Grand Hotel - the remuneration was a weekend in a suite) was immediately a success and awarded by the Art Directors Club of Switzerland. That was the beginning of a fascination until today.

NYF: How do you or your agency champion young creative talent? Do you have any advice for someone just starting out in the business?

Frank: Excellent work attracts excellent people.

NYF: What's your favorite all time ad and why? (Can you share the ad?)

Frank: The best has still to come.

NYF: Do you have a mentor that guided you in your career, what’s the most important thing they taught you?

Frank: Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Sergei Rachmaninow. They teach my inspiration and transpiration.

NYF: Anything else you would like to share/mention?

Frank: Whatever you do: Do it, with love. (At the same time, the title of my most recently published bestseller in Europe, for which I’m also looking for a co-publisher in the US)