NYFA 2017 Executive Jury: Interview With Tobias Grimm

New York, NY | September 26, 2017

NYFA 2017 Executive Jury: Interview With Tobias Grimm

NYF: Why did you decide to accept the invite to NYF’s Executive Jury?

Tobias: Because it’s an honor. And I want to meet the people behind the most beautiful award in our industry.

NYF: Are awards show and winning awards important and why?

Tobias: Yes, super important. Because awards are rewards for good work. And we are dying for good work. And from time to time creatives need someone telling them: you are doing good!

NYF: Are there any emerging trends this year, that you think will be reflected in this year’s work?

Tobias: I think the worldwide refugee-situation will be a big topic for storytelling, especially for ads for social causes.

NYF: How has the way that agencies approach marketing challenges for brands changed in the last few years?

Tobias: Depends on the client. But mainly navigating them through buzzword-oceans. And get rid of all the “have-tos” and “must-dos” we are facing from the big data god.

NYF: What’s the future of the advertising industry and how does it differ from when you first started in the business?

Tobias: The future is oldschool. But bigger. Classical storytelling but on a bigger scale. Hollywood like executed. Digital first. Made for screenagers. And highly emotional.

NYF: Why did you choose advertising as a career path?

Tobias: My surname is Grimm. So I guess it is in my DNA to tell stories. And advertising gave me the perfect stage for it.

NYF: What’s the best ad you ever created? Can you share the ad?

Tobias: The best ad should always be the next one. But I have a lot of work I am proud of.

NYF: Who gave you your big break and what was the defining moment in your career?

Tobias: Jean-Remy von Matt. Who gave me – and my former partner Jens Pfau – the opportunity to run an own Jung von Matt-Agency. And winning the EDEKA Account three months later. And hopefully the move to BBDO Berlin a few month ago.

NYF: How do you or your agency champion young creative talent? Do you have any advice for someone just starting out in the business?

Tobias: I think the most important thing for young creatives is to keep them on board throughout the whole execution process. For me – that’s really a golden rule: the idea makers should make the idea happen. Or at least – should be part of the team who make the ideas happen. Take them with you to the shoot, even it means that the agency has to pay for it. And my advice for someone just starting in the business: congratulation! You just picked the best job in the world. Stay curious. Stay focused. Stay happy. And most important: be a delusional optimist. Then nothing can and will stop you from doing amazing work.

NYF: What’s your favorite all time ad and why? (Can you share the ad?)

Tobias: Boah … I have so many favs. Sorry. I have to name at least three:

As a single piece: the Adidas commercial with Leila and Muhammed Ali for the impossible is nothing campaign from 180. It was the first ad which gave me goosebumps and this overwhelming feeling of “F#@! F#@!, I wish I had done that.”

“Win Nick’s Life” for Steinlager from Droga5 was truly a masterpiece for me. Also “Coke vs. Coke Zero“ from CP+B. Both campaigns took campaigning to the next level. Forced people to get in touch with the brand without forcing them. Great, great work!

NYF: Do you have a mentor that guided you in your career, what’s the most important thing they taught you?

Tobias: Yes, Jean-Remy von Matt. He told me that “No” is the most important word in advertising.

NYF: Anything else you would like to share/mention?

Tobias: I heard the best Schnitzel in New York City you get at “Eddie and the Wolf“. As a German – I will double check on that. Feel free to join me!