New York, NY | September 26, 2017

NYF: Why did you decide to accept the invite to NYF’s Executive Jury?

Wayne: The show is truly International, which is important to me. It’s also a privilege to meet the best creative thinkers in the industry, and have the chance to learn from them and feel inspired.

NYF: Are awards show and winning awards important and why?

Wayne: Bringing together amazing work and great people is always very valuable, but it also depends on the organization. Creatives are constantly questioning what the future holds and Award shows are a way to highlight inspiring thinking and solutions.

NYF: Are there any emerging trends this year, that you think will be reflected in this year’s work?

Wayne: The rise of purpose, as well as the future of A.I and conversational interfaces have been the emerging trends this year. The celebration of craftsmanship is also a trend that the next generation is thankfully rediscovering and a trend that I am highly excited to see back as a creative.

NYF: How has the way that agencies approach marketing challenges for brands changed in the last few years?

Wayne: It’s not just about making noise anymore. It's about having real conversations with clients about brand objectives, and creating meaningful and cultural moments that land in a new, relevant way.

NYF: What’s the future of the advertising industry and how does it differ from when you first started in the business?

Wayne: I started my career at traditional advertising agencies which was geared towards broadcasting at an audience in a narrow channel, with a less congested media landscape. Now, it's about creating brand experiences that an audience wants to be part of. Consumers have to put up with a multitude of marketing noise and pollution being thrown at them and agencies now have to find unique ways to make the consumer care enough to listen to their client’s messages. It’s overall an interesting time to be working in this industry.

NYF: Why did you choose advertising as a career path?

Wayne: Well, I failed as a Pro Surfer. So, the only other thing to do in my hometown of Oz was to become a fisherman, which was definitely not for me. One day, a commercials crew came to town to shoot a Speedo ad and I saw these young creatives having a ball, and at the moment, decided that would be an awesome job to have. Luckily, I ended up being ok at it.

NYF: What’s the best ad you ever created? Can you share the ad?

Wayne: That’s like saying which of your kids are your favorite! The next ad is probably the best answer to have here as you are only as good as your last piece of work.

NYF: Who gave you your big break and what was the defining moment in your career?

Wayne: Bill Bristow. A legendary Aussie creative who was the first person to teach me my craft and believed in me. Thanks Bill.

NYF: How do you or your agency champion young creative talent? Do you have any advice for someone just starting out in the business?

Wayne: We have a great program championing the next generation called Future Lions. Future Lions is AKQA’s global student creative competition that challenges students to produce innovative ideas that will create the future. In collaboration with the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, AKQA is hosting Future Lions for the 12th year.

NYF: What’s your favorite all time ad and why? (Can you share the ad?)

Wayne: That’s an easy question. Cadbury’s Gorilla by Fallon. The ad is pure emotion encapsulated and a beautiful piece of craft on all levels. Confidently simple and epic.

NYF: Do you have a mentor that guided you in your career, what’s the most important thing they taught you?

Wayne: My father back in Oz was the biggest inspiration in my life and helped influence my career. He always stressed four things: Believe in yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. When you get knocked down get straight back up with a smile on your face. And overall, be kind.

NYF: Anything else you would like to share/mention?

Wayne: Yes. Above all have fun!