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Celebrating Excellence: 2024 New York Festivals Korea-National Brand Awards Announces WinnersCeremony

2024 New York Festivals Korea-National Brand Awards Hosts Ceremony on April 3rd at Lotte Hotel Seoul

New York, New York | April 12, 2024

New York, New York April 12, 2024: The 2024 New York Festivals Korea-National Brand Awards (2024 NYF K-NBA) ceremony took place at the Grand Ballroom of the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, on April 3rd. Celebrating its 15th year, the NYF K-NBA is a prestigious global brand award hosted by New York Festivals, recognized as one of the world's top three advertising festivals.

In 2024, the NYF K-NBA utilized the proprietary 'National Brand Competitiveness Index (NCI)' measurement model for evaluation and selection. This year, over 1,900 tangible and intangible brands owned by 789 companies and local governments underwent assessment, determining the most valuable and competitive brands recognized as Korea's national assets.

The awards ceremony commenced with the dedication of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards Hall of Fame to In Sup Shin, former Visiting Professor at Chung-Ang University. This marked the first-ever dedication of the Hall of Fame in the 67-year history of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards. Mr. Shin, a 96-year-old recipient, continues to contribute to the industry by writing advertising-related columns. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with advertisers, advertising agencies, and media companies in Korea. Moreover, he served as the inaugural Korean representative at the New York Festivals in 2000, established the Korean branch of the IAA in 1968, and acted as a standing advisor at the Busan International Advertising Festival in 2008. His expertise extends internationally, as he introduced global advertising industry trends to Korea and played a pivotal role in the globalization of our advertising industry.

During her congratulatory address, Ellen Smyth, CEO & Owner of New York Festivals, remarked, 'Throughout his remarkable 60-year career in advertising, In Sup Shin has been instrumental in shaping the Korean advertising landscape. His groundbreaking contributions within Korea and his pivotal role in fostering international cooperation have left an indelible mark on the industry. Professor Shin's tireless efforts have greatly influenced the Korean advertising sector, and it is with great pleasure that we dedicate the Hall of Fame to him, acknowledging his significant contribution to Korea's rise to 9th place in the world.

In her congratulatory speech at The 2024 NYF K-NBA Awards Ceremony, Ellen stated, "Our goal is to honor your respected winning brands and showcase your groundbreaking accomplishments to a larger audience." She then encouraged the 2024 NYF K-NBA winners, saying, "I truly believe that the NYF-Korea National Brand Award presents a significant opportunity for Korean companies to earn the brand recognition they deserve. This prestigious award offers an excellent annual and international platform: brands are acknowledged as national assets, celebrating creativity, and enhancing stellar reputations among Korean consumers."

The 2024 NYF K-NBA awards ceremony annually selects and announces brands in the Industrial Brands, Place Brands, and Culture Brands categories, recognized as the 'best' by both domestic and foreign consumers. Industrial and place brands are chosen through the brand index measurement of the self-assessment system NCI, while cultural brands undergo public evaluation. This year, a total of 73 brands were selected as the best national brands in Korea, comprising 50 industrial divisions, 20 location divisions including cities and agricultural products, and 3 cultural divisions.

Among these honored brands are those consistently highly regarded by consumers at home and abroad, including Lotte World Adventure (15 years), Kia Members (13 years), KB Financial Group (13 years), HL Mando (13 years), LG U+ Home Service (12 years), LG OLED-TV (12 years), LG TROM (11 years), Buyeo Goodtrae (13 years), Gyulro Jangsaeng (13 years), and Goesan, an eco-friendly organic agricultural city (12 years), which has received consecutive awards.

The Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Seoul Dance Company's 'Ilmu' was selected in the cultural division's work category. 'Ilmu' is a modern reinterpretation of the ceremonial dance of 'Royal Ancestral Shrine Music,' a national intangible cultural asset and a UNESCO-designated world intangible cultural heritage. In the individual category, vocalist Park Gyeong-jun and calligrapher Yang Dan-o were selected.

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