New York Festivals - 20 QUESTIONS with Pascal Gregoire

New York, NY | September 26, 2017

Name: Pascal Gregoire, CEO / Creative Director, La Chose France



The last Ken Loach film "I, Daniel Blake" is my favorite this year. A social comedy that delves into the harsh realities of economic liberalism that crush the expression of individuality. The film is in no way lachrymose, just mercilessly honest. "The Angels' Share" and "Raining Stones" are also masterpieces. I like films inspired by real life.

TV show not on the air anymore

"Fargo 1" and "Fargo 2". "The Americans", based on a true story, and of course "Breaking Bad". "Making a Murderer" and "The Jinx" are also must-sees. The blend of documentary and TV show is fascinating.

Music Artist

Serge Gainsbourg

Favorite album or song

De Gainsbourg à Gainsbarre: "je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais".

Song that you 100%, undeniably, without a doubt, hate?

I try not to hate anything, including any one specific song.

If you could throw your own music festival, where would it be held and what acts would play it?

It would be held in the same place as Burning Man, with a musical battle between Michael Jackson and Prince. But there's little chance of that happening!


I love Murakami and Patrick Modiano, both Nobel laureates in Literature! I've just read "Réparer les vivants" by Maylis de Guerangal and "Terres rares" by Sandro Veronesi.

Bar/Restaurant in your city

I love the traditional bars of Paris, called "bistros". Neither trendy nor pretentious, they're just nice places to enjoy your morning coffee and overhear fleeting conversations. I like lounging in sidewalk terraces. I discovered some lovely restaurants in the 9th quarter, where I now live: John Weng, that mixes American and Asian food, and Ratapoil which is 100% French. Near the agency one can find Robert et Louise, Le Derrière and L'ambassade d'Auvergne.


I'm not crazy about cocktails. I prefer wine or champagne, especially “La Maison Piper-Heidsieck”

Favorite City in the World

London / St. Georges (Grenada) / Rome / Hanoi.

Dream Car

The "model 3" from Facel Vega, a prestigious and sporty French brand. Their "3" is a fast and particularly elegant car.

Digital you Dig:

Twitter/Instagram feed

Twitter is what I use most for instant news. If you're into current affairs, it becomes addictive. Instagram creates a world in pictures. Beautiful, inspirational images : a gorgeous snapshot of life.

Mobile app you can't live without

WAZE. I suffer from dyspraxia so for me GPS was the greatest invention ever. And Waze is the best app in the world!

Guess how many times a day you unlock the home screen on your phone

I'm an iPhone addict. I check my phone every 10 minutes, so I'm a good candidate for digital rehab.

Let’s get wired:

What are you afraid to Google?

My own name.

Super Power you have or wish you had

Identifying talented people. Recognizing specific strengths or aptitudes in someone. I have an instinct for that.

How do you get creative?

I am at my most creative in the kitchen, which for me is the ideal place to think. I've been known to find inspiration while preparing a roast or a gratin Dauphinois. I also find my best ideas while jogging.

If you could own a house from any film or TV show, which house would you choose?

Damian Lewis' house (Billions) would do just fine!

Pet Peeves

Being aboard a long-haul flight, and just as I'm about to start eating my meal the person in front of me reclines their seat all the way.

Celeb Crush

Romance: Scarlett Johansson. Bromance: Bansky

What country's shape is your favorite?

Italy and its boot shape.

Any superstitions?

I never walk under a ladder.

Favorite Joke

Not really a joke, more like a saying: "Ne pas confondre bonne humeur et familiarité", which translates to "Never confuse cheerfulness and familiarity".

Spread your Brilliance:

If given a 30 second Super bowl spot to send a message to the world, what words of wisdom would you broadcast?

I'd use those 30 seconds to shamelessly plug France's famous motto: "LIBERTE, EGALITE, FRATERNITE" (FREEDOM, EQUALITY, SOLIDARITY) Freedom, to say what you want, to think what you want. This has come under fire everywhere. Equality, recognizing that all men are born free and equal in rights. As for solidarity, we've never needed it as much as we do today! " Liberté, égalité, fraternité" is one of the best slogans ever invented.