NYF’s World’s Best Advertising® Travels to Bogota, Colombia

New York, NY | October 14, 2013

New York Festivals International Advertising Awards® World’s Best Advertising® is Bogota bound! NYF’s award-winning television commercials will be featured at the “Creative Challenge” event taking place December 3rd in Colombia.

The “Creative Challenge”, sponsored by P&M magazine, EL TIEMPO, and New York Festivals, is a free call for entry recruiting Colombia’s advertising community to develop a print campaign highlighting the importance of the advertising industry in Colombia. P&M’s “Creative Challenge” will educate Colombia’s citizens on the importance of advertising as a driving economic force helping both businesses and citizens.

EL TIEMPO will host the "Creative Challenge” gala at their Bogota headquarters located at Av Calle 26 # 68B-70. Festivities begin at 7:30PM and include: an opening speech by Carlos Fernando Vega, Director of P&M; NYF’s World Best Advertising showcase presented by Michael O’Rourke, President, International Awards Group/New York Festivals; The "Creative Challenge" Award will be presented to the award-winning agency and team by Nohra Ramirez, Editorial Director of Ediciones P&M; and the announcement will followed by a cocktail celebration.

The award-winning “Creative Challenge” print campaign will be announced to the public on December 4th, “Advertising Professional’s Day, via print ads in Colombia’s premier media outlets EL TIEMPO, ADN, PORTAFOLIO and REVISTA P&M. The award-winning creative team’s campaign will receive complimentary entry into the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards competition and receive tickets to attend the New York Show™ taking place on May 1st, 2013.

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