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The 2018 New York Festivals Executive Jury, is an elite dream team of Global Chief Creative Officers and C-Suite creative executives. Words like iconic, visionary, accomplished and influential, come to mind when describing these prominent award-winning creative leaders. They will assemble this April in New York City for 4 days of live judging across all mediums—one panel of advertising giants, 30+ strong, all coming together to select the World’s Best Advertising®.

Executive Jury member Bruno Bertelli is Global Chief Creative Officer of Publicis Worldwide. Bruno joined Publicis Worldwide in January 2011 as ECD of Publicis Italy, together with creative partner Cristiana Boccassini. Following the growth of the Heineken client, they were soon after appointed Global Creative Directors at Publicis Worldwide.

Bruno’s role grew to see him take the lead as CEO of Publicis Italy (2014) and ECD of Publicis Worldwide Western Europe (2015). In May 2016, Bruno was promoted to Global CCO of Publicis Worldwide, a role which sees him representing the global creative board and clients of Publicis Worldwide, which include Renault, Nestlé, and Heineken.

Prior to Publicis Worldwide, Bruno was ECD at JWT Italy on high profile international accounts.

Bruno is a regular judge and speaker at global festivals including Eurobest, Cannes and New York Festivals and will be President of the OOH jury at Cannes Lions 2017. Along with Boccassini, he is the most awarded Italian creative in the world with international awards including 56 Cannes Lions (11 gold), one Grand Clio and one Grand Prix at the NYF.

Being a Juror:

New York Festivals: Why did you decide to accept the invite to NYF’s Executive Jury?

Bruno Bertelli: I would be crazy not to accept. NYF always delivers the most original pieces and I’m happy to have the opportunity this year to award the jazziest ones.

Favorite Ads:

New York Festivals: Share an ad you are particularly proud of.

Bruno Bertelli: We’ve recently taken Diesel back to its roots to reinforce its role as the alternative to conformity. I’m very proud of the team and the work and I’m mostly delighted that our audience is connecting with our message.

This has always been my dream account, and I’m glad we’re giving it the glory it deserves.

FILM Go With The Flaw:

New York Festivals: Share your favorite ad that illustrates how advertising can change the world and tell us why you love it.  

Bruno Bertelli: Well, the work for P&G’s Vicks in India comes to mind.
The brand aimed to redefine family care for contemporary India by tackling a stigmatized issue and supplying a relevant POV – while playing on the product’s intrinsic role.
It spread like wild fire because it hit an exposed nerve to gain immediate attention.
I believe good advertising uses cultural trends to gain immediate relevancy.
But best advertising creates them.

Creative Leadership: 

New York Festivals: What do you look for when hiring new talent?

Bruno Bertelli: Passion. Everything else I can teach, but love for the profession needs to be built-in. This is a tough industry and even the brightest will learn some hard lessons. Without passion, they won’t survive or do anything extraordinary.

This and That:

New York Festivals: Who’s a creative icon you admire and why?

Bruno Bertelli: I admire filmmakers and often turn to the cinema for inspiration. Godard inspires better craft, camerawork and style, Truffaut teaches how to tell stories that move souls, Tornatore is the master of character building. These geniuses really know how to stimulate creative juices.

New York Festivals: How do you find balance (or do you?) between your high-powered job and life/family/outside of-work fun? Any ‘secrets’ you can share?

Bruno Bertelli: I married my art director. It’s a lot easier to juggle life and work when you share an office. I suggest you do the same.

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