2018 Executive Jury 

This elite panel, featuring some of the world’s most prominent creative leaders, comes together in one room to participate in live judging sessions across all mediums to select the World’s Best Advertising. Taking place over 4 days in New York City, the center of advertising, the Executive Jury is an annual meeting of the minds with the most accomplished and awarded lead creatives from around the globe. The Shortlist is reviewed and evaluated in passionate, opinionated discussions rooted in the creative process. The NYF Executive Jury does not have a Chairperson. Each member is one amongst equals and each person acts independent of the others, without any persuasions or biases. The results from these sessions determine which work will be honored with the Best of Show, Grand, First, Second and Third place prizes.

2018 Film Craft Executive Jury

2017 Executive Jury 

2017 Film Craft executive Jury