Chraneeta Mann

Chraneeta Mann.jpg

Co-Founder, The Mob, India

Chraneeta Mann, a postgraduate gold medalist in Economics, started out aiming for a cool job at The World Bank. Somewhere along the way she decided to learn Indian classical music from one of India’s best vocalists, then decided to write jingles herself because she wrote far better ones than many she was singing. Before she knew it she was living, breathing and ‘not sleeping’ advertising.

Having become National Creative Director at Rediffusion Y & R, one of the top 5 agencies in India, and having worked and won awards on top brands of the country like Airtel, LG, Honda, Canon, Taj and Tata, she decided to trade it all to set up her own 'non-traditional' venture, The Mob. 

The Mob, over the last 2 years has made its name as an ideacentric integrated agency, that thinks 'today' and not in silos of ‘digital’ or ‘mainline’ or ‘events’, with its campaigns featuring in some of the best digital film campaigns in the country. 

Challenging perceptions of agency size or legacy, The Mob continues to aggressively push the envelope of integrated advertising and go where no small agency has gone before.

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