Andrew Levene

Head of Production, Stink Films, UK

Full time at Stink for almost 5 and a half years, the last 3 of them as Head of Production, Andrew was inspired to enter the industry after a week’s work experience at Park Village during his second year of university.  The cupboard full of sweets and the wrap drinks definitely played no small part in that.  He joined 2AM as a runner after uni, and two years of charity work and travelling.  But fortunately for him, and everyone else considering his tea-making abilities, he was soon a Production Assistant and consequently a Production Manager working with the company’s biggest Directors on several large-scale British Army ads, as well as the classic James Nesbitt Yellow Pages work.

After 5 years at 2AM, he went freelance, PMing for a variety of companies such as Independent, Rogue, Bare, and back at 2 AM.  During this time, despite going out as a PM, he often found himself bidding and pitching jobs, so when The Sweet Shop came calling and offered him a full-time Producer role he jumped at the opportunity.  Following his stint there, he went freelance again, and after a run of jobs bouncing between Pulse and Stink, he was offered a permanent position at Stink. 

Since then he has produced for several of the roster and bid for virtually all of them.  He prides himself on his attention to detail and friendly manner, and works closely with the Stink EPs and Directors to pitch, win, and develop award-winning campaigns such as Tom Green’s Save the Children and Jones + Tino’s ‘Blood’.  Other award-winning projects that Andrew has been involved with are Eliot Rausch’s Samsung “We Are Greater Than I’, Greg Brunkalla’s film for Sagami, Nacho Gayan’s 3 ‘True Love’, Martin Krejci’s Skoda ‘The Climb’, and Psyop’s Aldi Christmas spot ‘Kevin the Carrot’.

On top of this, Andrew is a lead tutor for the APA Masterclass, helping develop, coordinate and lead the course every year.

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