Kwangsoo Lee

Chief Creative Officer, SM C&C AD Creative Solution HQ, Korea

I started my career as a copywriter at Cheil Worldwide in 1995. After working 4 years for big brands like SAMSUNG, Gatorade and Adidas, I got bored and left advertising. I spent 1 year writing novels at a seashore in Korea and returned to advertising industry with a poor novel. I realized that I would be better at writing copies than writing novels.

After coming back to AD, I worked at several local agencies and worked mainly as a freelance copywriter with many AD agencies including Cheil Worldwide. In 2007 Cheil Worldwide asked me to come back and I accepted the offer. Why Cheil again? There was a brand at Cheil that I wanted to advertise at that time. I took charge of the campaigns for the brand ‘SHOW’ of KT(Korea Telecomm, No.1 communication company in Korea then) and won the Grand Prize from all four major AD Awards in Korea in 2008 as a creative director.

Three years later, I set off my own creative agency named ‘DOORS’ and made advertisements for SK Telecomm and other SK brands. SK Telecom was ironically the powerful competitor of KT, the brand with which I had won many awards before. From that time, working as an ECD of DOORS, I won many local awards with many SK brands.

In 2016, SK appointed me as a Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of SK Marketing & Company (SK M&C). SK M&C was the Ad agency of SK group and changed its name to SM C&C in October 2017. I am still the CCO of the company, managing over 10 creative units. SM C&C is the fifth largest AD agency in Korea.

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