Matthias Bonjer

Co-founder/Managing Partner, Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH, Germany

MATTHIAS BONJER, M.A. Communication Studies, born in 1967, co-founder and managing partner at Zucker.Kommunikation.Zucker., founded in 1998 in Berlin, Germany, is an independent agency for communication focusing on modern ways of public relations. MatthiasBonjer is responsible for digital PR strategies, campaign creation, R&D as well as personnel development. Further he is doing research on the impact of PR instruments, the digital client presences (owned media) and traditional media.

Besides he is member of several industry award juries, 2017 he joined the PRLions jury in Cannes, and does various teaching activities for universities and business schools. Since ten years his participation in the scientific area can also be regularly found in teaching books and academic journals.

Matthias Bonjer is married with two children, looks avocational over a collection of fine arts and plays bass in a band.

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