Robert Cerkez

Robert Cerkez.jpg

Creative Director, &Co., Denmark

Robert has given his former copywriter free reigns to write his bio (not that he is too lazy. He’ll just most certainly miss the deadline).

Robert? Well, to start he was born and raised in the mean streets of Ängelholm, Sweden. But soon he found himself across the pond in Copenhagen, Denmark. He founded the agency &Co. in 2000 which has been awarded numerous awards and the nicest and brightest people in the business.

He is a force of creative and strategic nature and does what a creative director does best: He directs creativity, lifts it, evolves it or leaves it be if there is nothing to add.

His work has been in the news, raised debate, gone viral, spoofed, loved and hated. But rarely gone unnoticed.

I think that is all I have to say about the man. Oh, and above all, he’s a bloody nice guy.


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