Pablo Maldonado

Pablo Maldonado.jpg

Creative Director, Wunderman BA, Argentina

In the past few years, I’ve built a 26 feet outdoor QR Code, recorded radios using presidents’ original audios, casted and photographed real twin brothers and co-developed an app that converts insults to service companies into legal letters. 

But currently I’m a Creative Director at Wunderman Buenos Aires, where I recently recycled the energy of moms to power a neonatal unit, literally. My work was recognized with over 100 awards at NYF, Cannes, Clio, London, Effie, Sol, Wave, Ojo, Diente and 4 Grand Prix at Iberoamerican festivals.

Some of my work have been featured in Fast Company, Gunn Report, Creativity, ADWEEK, AdAge, The Drum and others. All of that, would’ve been impossible without 3 things: brave clients, team, family.

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