Maria Cocaila Teodorof

Senior Copywriter, MRM//McCann, Romania

Storyteller in her group of friends. Senior Copywriter at work. 

Started to get a hint of what advertising is all about almost 7 years ago. Since then she has interned in a BTL agency, continued as junior on ATL campaigns and finally stuck to what she loves most - the digital territory, 4.5 years ago.

She’s into creativity for good and started off by winning the Creative Conscience Awards in London with a campaign that tries to stop Violence Against Women. She continues to create campaigns that may have the power to change something in the world.

The awesome brands you can find in her portfolio are: Coca-Cola, LIDL, Mastercard, Nestle, Vodafone, OLX, KFC, etc.

While she’s Away from Keyboards, Maria likes to play the drums and believe that she’s actually creating music *lol*

GJ-8, DCNewYork Festivals