Guilherme Pecego

Guilherme Pecego.jpg

Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup, Hong Kong

A water-sports fanatic, a striving martial artist, a kettlebell enthusiast, a 10k-max runner, a spiritual backpacker. An art lover, a ‘wanna-be’ philosopher, a comic book devourer, a people observer, a father – who’d never really gotten around to learning how to play the guitar.

Did I mention I am also a very passionate adman?

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I am a Brazilian / Italian story maker that pursued his career outside the tropical lands. After growing in advertising in Rio I had an encounter with what is most alien to a true "carioca" – São Paulo. That pretty much made me face the fears of the unknown as I embarked on an adventure to the Middle East where I had early success and stayed on for 6 years before moving further towards East where I am now the Creative Director for McCann Worldgroup Hong Kong. And still trying to learn that guitar…

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