Ben Sun

Ben Sun Erhei.jpg

Chief Creative Officer, Havas China, China

Ben is China’s youngest 4As Chief Creative Officer, the first Chinese creative people selected to Global creative council (Havas Global Creative Council 2016) and APAC creative council (Havas APAC Creative Council 2017).

During the two years of Chief Creative Officer, he has won the first Cannes Gold Lion for Havas in Chinese history, which is also the only Cannes Gold Lion for China in that year (2016). In the meantime, creative reputation of Havas Shanghai improved a lot: In the creative chart published by Campaign, it improved from never has been named to top 6 in China (2016), to top 3 in China (2017).

Ben is also a guest lecturer of many Chinese colleges and universities, being a role model for many young people who are aspired to this industry.

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