Ale Burset

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Advertising Photographer, Ale Burset, Latin America/Europe

Ale Burset was born in Argentina on 1970. He discovered photography when he was 27. Since then, he decided to devote to photography.

During the first years, he worked for magazines and the fashion world. And from 2002, he is engaged in the advertising world.

He worked for international brands such as Nike, Volkswagen, Renault, Save the Children, Sky Vodka, Lavazza, Campari, among many others.

His photography is based on a powerful visual impact achieved by his obsessive light treatment, and a careful art and actors direction.

He has published four books with his personal works. The last one “Baroque” is based on interpretations of works of artists such as Caravaggio, Murillo, Ribera, and Gentileschi.

Having won 23 awards in Cannes and many other international awards, he is actually a worldwide-recognized advertising photographer.

For the last five years, he occupies the number 1 position in the ranking of the renowned advertising magazine Luerzer´s Archive.





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