Julien Pasquier

Julien Pasquier.jpg

Producer, Standard Films, France

Julien Pasquier, 42, was the owner and founder of Cosa Production for 13 years until July 2012.

In September 2011, he’s been asked to become President of APFP, the Association of Publicity Films Producers, which he is still in charge of. He is at the head of all the operations that have been done for the French market. He is still in charge of the o ce today and recruits new members every year.

The two co-founders of Iconoclast Group have recruited him in 2012 to run STANDARD FILMS Production company.
He made the company grow through years since then, at an exponential rate. 

The Standard team has developed talents like Louis De Caunes, Rob Chiu, and many others.

Julien Pasquier leaded numerous award-winning campaigns, lauded at Cannes Lions, Young Director Award, Yellow pencil at D&Ad, London international award…