Anthony Tham

Anthony Tham.jpg

Executive Creative Director, Publicis Worldwide Shanghai, China

Self-diagnosed as a suspect case of Dissociative Identity Disorder after poring through the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5) by the American Psychiatric Association.

But more probable to be someone, in his own words, who is “Pluralistic in Specialty”.

Ex-pizza boy, love motel front desk, army conscript, tank driver, darkroom technician, photographer, interactive designer, advertising art director, and integrated creative director.

To complicate matters, he is—as described by psychologists—on a “hedonic adaptation treadmill of excessive reassurance seeking”. He lucked out by feeding the “insatiable monster within” with D&AD, Cannes ACT, LIAA, EFFIES etc. to keep him going in the creative hamster wheel for the past 18 years.

Outside of work, he spends an irrational and disproportionately high amount of time in Hyper Island. And also indulges on: the various disciplines of psychology, behavioral sciences, neurosciences, game theory, metacognition, design thinking, lean, agile, growth hacking, competitive strategies, business strategies, industrial design, motorsports, motorsports research and development, internal combustion engines design, electric vehicle technology, and cinematography.

His 2018 New Year resolution detailed an intricate (albeit delirious and ludicrous) grand plan to create a mashup field of “psychoneurobehaviouraldigitaladvertising”. Maybe a better name is needed.

GJ-2, BENewYork Festivals