Joshua Rueda-Mego

Creative Supervisor, Ogilvy & Mather, Costa Rica

He was born in Peru. He grew up in Costa Rica. He has more than twelve years of advertising experience. He moved to El Salvador. He campaigned for a politician whom no one knew and managed to get him elected in second place. He made a small agency called Rivera & Rivera (Publicis) shine and managed Movistar there for five years. He won the title “creative of the year” at the ASDER advertising festival. He directed the creative department of Ogilvy One, where they went from 15 to 30 people in less than two years. He made drinking water from the most polluted river to a whole country to raise awareness in a campaign for the Ministry of the Environment. He created a sport called Air Farting, where people jumped gracefully and at the highest point a fart was thrown. He won some awards at international advertising festivals. They made a note in Adweek. He returned to Costa Rica. He created Mama Patata, a Peruvian food company, where he sells the country's most expensive empanada. He married Gianna, and they had Ariana, a beautiful baby whom he affectionately calls "churrumina merengueada".

GJ-6, PTNewYork Festivals