Akira Suzuki

Creative Director, Dentsu Inc., Japan

Graduated from MBA of Hitotsubashi University. Akira joined Dentsu, a Japanese advertising agency, and started his advertising career as a creative strategist. Currently, as a creative director, Akira is involved in projects to combat various social issues. His projects include “Second Life Toys” which attempts to increase registration in organ transplant by pseudo experiencing the importance of organ transplant operation. “PLAY-TE: The World’s first IoT plate” prevents lifestyle-related diseases by sharing eating habits with doctors and personal trainers. He also created “THE SHUT-DOWN ISLAND” to bring tourists to a remote island and created new jobs during the tourism low season. His works have been recognized at over 80 international awards including Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, OneShow, London International Awards, and The Webby Awards. He was also chosen by the Foreign Policy Magazine as ”100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2016”.


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