Snorre Martinsen

Snorre Martinsen.jpg

Art Director, POL, Norway

I started my career as a creative strategist at the Nordic & C/E Europe division in Naked in 2006. 

Since then I’ve been creative director at MK Norway and later Creative & Art director at Saatchi & Saatchi. 

Now I’ve found my true home working with the amazing and talented people at POL. 
I've had the pleasure of both judging in lots and winning at most international award shows. Which is great. 

But my passion lies in the conceptualization of ideas and how to best execute them. 

An integral part of that is great visual craft. And the aim to create ideas from a place of universal truth. 

I always look for fun, engaging or sad stories that ring true and that people can relate to. And want to be a part of and share.

Looking forward to judging New York Festivals again, and I’m sure we’ll find some truly deserving work we can admire and be envious of.


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