Gün Ayedemir

Creative Director, Creative Cosmos 15, Germany

Gün is a Digital Creative Director with a decent love for branded-entertainment.

Born/raised in the darkest black-forest, this Turkish/German breed went into hosting radio shows, art battles, and poetry slams for years. He then started his career in a film production company producing music videos, TVCs and branded documentaries for brands like Wrigley's, RedBull and McDonald`s.

In 2009 he switched sides, went to Jung von Matt to create digital work for Nike and Mercedes-Benz. Simple hacks and a few awards for NIKE „Catch the Flash“ later he joined HEIMAT/TBWA in Berlin to lead their digital shop VRTKL for clients such as HORNBACH, Adidas, CNN or Google. 

Gazillion digital activations, social media strategies, and specially branded entertainment campaigns later, Gün had a second thought on being a creative in 2016: What if I ask Germanys most famous TV host and one of the biggest actors in the country to found a custom-made agency for branded entertainment?

Long story short: They said yes. Now Gün more or less lives the dream of every creative ever. He writes series and shows for brands, channels, and the VOD heavyweights.

Gün is also a hunter (deer and stuff) and a dad of three boys. He is a member to the German ADC, judges the SXSW interactive awards and has frequent speeches and lectures at MiamiAdSchool, Daimler AG, and Lufthansa.

Gün has only written one single TVC in his career. It’s the forbidden one for Mercedes-Benz: "Adolf“. Hey, it worked. So does Gün.

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