Emanuele Soi

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Creative Director – Strategy & Insights Dept., Openmind, Italy

Educated in classical humanities and philosophy, I began to work as a copywriter for DWA advertising agency in 1997, then switched to newborn digital communication in 1999 with Liquid Thought Studios in San Francisco and Torino. As I got back to Italy, I had the opportunity to widen the range of my experience working into the sales & marketing advisory, before returning to advertising and digital business as a creative/strategy director in the mid-two-thousands. Today I am senior partner of strategy advisory firm Openmind and of communication advisory firm Cookies & Partners, with a strong focus on experience strategy.

In 2013 I began teaching Web Presence & Online Advertising for a master class at Università Cattolica in Milano, then started the Experience Strategy Lab for POLI.design. September 1st 2017 I have been hired as a professor of Brand Design at NABA, Milano, Graphic Design BA in English - 3rd year. Executive director of the Art Directors Club of Italy between 2015-17, and board member of the Art Directors Club of Europe between 2016-17.

I’ve been lucky enough to find a lovely, intelligent wife and to have a great daughter.

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