The Tear-Open-Mailing for Mein Kampf - Against Racism

COMPANY: Ogilvy Germany

AWARD: Second Prize

BRAND: Gesicht Zeigen! An association encouraging people to stand against racism in Germany

TITLE: The Tear-Open-Mailing for Mein Kampf - Against Racism

COUNTRY: Germany

CATEGORY: Collateral & Direct, Copywriting



Dr. Stephan Vogel - Chief Creative Officer
Tim Stuebane - Executive Creative Director
Birgit van den Valentyn - Executive Creative Director
Björn Kernspeckt - Creative Director
Stese Wagner - Creative Director
Sebastian Kraus - Creative Director
Daniela Schmidt - Creative Director
Matthias Bauer - Art Director
Philipp Bertisch - Art Director
Andreas Richter - Art Director
Stephan Westerwelle - Art Director
Joschka Wolf - Art Director